No-spend weekend for the kids!

Here is the promised no-spend weekend list for the kids!

Enjoy. Here is everything I could think of, as well as ideas taken from other people who have completed no-spend weekends themselves. There is bound to be things I have not thought of or put down here. I welcome any more suggestions in the comments section.

  • Visit local parks
  • Watch movies
  • Play board games or cards
  • Have a picnic
  • Go to the library
  • Visit a museum
  • Have a bake challenge
  • Go to the beach
  • Take a bike ride
  • Camp in the back yard or lounge
  • Play in the sprinkler
  • Have a water balloon fight
  • Do a puzzle
  • Draw pictures or colour in
  • Have a sleep over
  • Have a scavenger hunt
  • Go swimming
  • Stargaze
  • Play video games
  • Go fishing
  • Feed the ducks
  • Fly a kite
  • Make crafts using your recycling
  • Make greeting cards
  • Build a blanket fort
  • Roast marshmallows
  • Tell spooky stories
  • Play ISpy
  • Learn origami
  • Learn to code
  • Play chess
  • Have a dance party!
  • Make home-made pizza
  • Have a water fight with buckets and hoses
  • Try painting with leaves
  • Collect shells at the beach
  • Drive-way chalk drawings

I hope that you can enjoy some or all of these suggestions. Also another idea I have for this is that you can pick out all the suggestions you like, put them in a hat, and the kids can pick one out. This way the fun is spontaneous – and it will cost you nothing!



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