Easy Meal Planning

Having a plan

Sometimes I am exhausted after work, housework, and the kids extra curricular activities. Cooking dinner for the family can be stressful and very time-consuming. That is if you don’t have a plan in place first.

I like to meal plan for the next week and buy my groceries according to this. I write down all the meals that I am going to cook for dinner that week, and keep the list handy. Sticking it to your fridge is a great option, and this helps to keep the meals you have chosen to the forefront of your mind.

Something that has helped me immensely is a recipe folder. It is my go-to every week for my meal plans. I put in any recipe I want to try, plus keep all the recipes we have tried – and liked. I initially got this folder from Kmart, and have seen that they still have them there now. It has dividers, which I have labelled as:

  • Chicken meals
  • Mince meals
  • Soups
  • Pasta dishes
  • Other sides & meals
  • Breads
  • Dressings & Sauces
  • Muffins & Cakes
  • Biscuits & Slices
  • Desserts

I have bought more clear sleeves as I have needed them.


Every Monday, I sit down and rifle through my folder. I pick out what I will make each night for dinner. When I buy a recipe magazine and find recipes I would like to try – I will add them to the folder. This prevents me from having hundreds of magazines taking up space. It also means if I only like two recipes from a magazine – I can just take those. It keeps all my recipes in one spot.


Also if you find recipes you like online, you can either print them off and add them to the folder – or write them down and add them that way.

My kids have fun looking through the recipes and picking out what meals we can have in the next week.



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