Yesterday, my son said to me, ‘Mum, so-and-so always says that if the house burns down, to run and get all his stuff out first’. My answer was, ‘We wouldn’t be getting anything out but our lives son. Nothing else is that important’. His reply to that was, ‘Oh right’.

But then, we got onto the discussion of the one thing that we would have grabbed had we had the time. Not counting the animals as they are part of the family and would be first out with us anyway. While my son said he would grab the Xbox (Boys! Sigh!), I said I would grab our passports and birth certificates. My son thought that was a very grand idea.


I thought nothing more of that conversation yesterday. That is, until I had a dream last night that I had to move out of my house with only a bag. In my dream things kept falling out of the bag and I had to keep stuffing them back in. I also noticed how many things I was leaving behind. Coincidence to the conversation I had yesterday? Maybe. Maybe not.

Anyway, when I woke up I thought that if I had to leave now forever with only a bag, I would still definitely take all my documents and photos of my family. Then I laughed, because while I may be taking all of the photos, there would be no more space left in the bag. It would also be very heavy. I know that most of the photos are on Facebook and in my phone. I could live with leaving them.

Decisions and bathroom cupboards

So then I thought, well what would be the most important things to take? And that’s when my bathroom came into mind. If I had to leave with one bag only, I would like to leave with some toiletries. I have a small cat bag that I use when we go overseas or on a weekend away. This can fit everything I need in it. Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, hair brush, soap etc.

So while I was lying in bed thinking about this, I realised that everything else in the cupboard could go. It was all the things that I never use. I have either tried them and didn’t like them, or I have been given them and not used them.

Coffee and cleaning

So here I am, coffee in hand, putting the products that I don’t need into a plastic bag. Now I don’t consider myself a clutter type of person, nor someone who wears make-up – so I was quite surprised by how much I had to throw away. Fourteen things in total. These products ranged from expired vitamins, to hair gel and moisturiser. I left my cat bag and my essentials in the cupboard. These included toilet paper, hair ties, sanitary items and soap. This left me with thirteen things. Under half of what originally was in there. Most of this would fit nicely into my cat bag. I wouldn’t take the toilet paper with me if I left, but I would make room for sanitary items separately.

Without meaning to, I essentially came up with a plan to de-clutter my bathroom – and did so. Now when I make purchases, it can be to replace used up items. It will also get me thinking before I purchase new items – about their use, and whether I truly need them or not. It’s much less stressful seeing everything I have right there, without having to mentally block out the rest.

Now, I know that I need to de-clutter my clothes. But that’s another mission for another day. Until then.



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