That dreaded clothes de-clutter!

Coffee in hand

So here I am once again with a coffee in hand, getting ready to do what I promised everyone. De-clutter my clothes! This morning as I was getting dressed, I realised that in my wardrobe there were only two singlets I actually wear out of the dozen in there. I remembered the promise I made to write about this experience, so here I go.

Living with less makes decisions easier, and I spend less money. Starting in my wardrobe I have decided that if I have not worn it for over a year, it’s got to go. No matter how much I manage to convince myself that I will wear it one day – I never do.

I have taken ten items out of my wardrobe, and left about fifteen. In six months time, if there are any I have not worn in that time – I will donate those too. It is hard emotionally sometimes to let go of some things. There were two items in particular I have had for years, but I don’t wear them anymore. I felt a sense of sadness letting them go – but I don’t need them, and someone else will get some good use out of them instead.

My collection of singlets

Now onto my drawers. I am a singlet wearer. I don’t like T-shirts, and so I have tonnes of singlets. One entire drawer of them in fact. I have a total of 24 singlets in this drawer, and no-one really needs 24 singlets! I have put twelve into a pile to keep, and twelve to donate. I will do the same as above, and re-check in six months. As with the wardrobe, there were a few items that I felt an emotional attachment to, and nearly kept them for that reason.

After finishing with my remaining drawers, I have put 31 more items into the donate pile. Like the rest of my clothes I have decided to donate, I was keeping them to wear one day – or I have some emotional attachment to something that I used to wear a lot, but do not anymore.

Donate, donate, donate

Now clearing out my drawers was not done with the intention of aimlessly getting rid of things to live with less, but to donate and give away items that I clearly do not need – because I never wear them! But, my aim here is that when I do buy new clothes, it will be because I actually do need them, and I can be more conscious about my spending.

I have three full bags of clothes to take down to the Salvos next week. I have added up the items I am donating and it is a whopping 55 items. Now let that sink in! 55! If somebody was to ask me how many items of clothing I owned, I wouldn’t have thought much over 50 items. But in reality, I have kept around the same amount too. Now, I am in the mind-set that one person does not need over 110 items of clothing to themselves. Doing this de-clutter, much like the bathroom one has made me realise how many items I have kept for the sake of keeping. It also shows me that I buy things I may only wear once, and I keep things that I don’t fit anymore or because I have an attachment to it.

I encourage anyone who has clothes that they don’t wear in their wardrobes or drawers – to have a de-clutter. You might be surprised by how many items you really don’t need anymore. Someone else might be able to get some good use out of them instead. I don’t need to de-clutter my children’s clothes as they never fit anything long enough!

Happy living!



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